Mysterious Disappearance of 100 Years Old Pond

Lewisburg resident Patsy Wright’s family has lived in the city for over 100 years on a piece of rural property which enjoys a sizable pond. However, on January 2019, she claims she saw something fall from the sky into a pond in her backyard, finding the pond was suddenly drained of its water.

It's something she can't explain.

Wright says this is the first time she’s known the pond to be empty in the century her family has lived at the property. Drone footage captured at the scene shows a fairly large hole lying on the completely dry bottom of the tiny pond. The hole appears to be a few feet deep and full of muddy water.

According to reports, what was left was a massive hole in the bottom of where the water used to be. The hole was too deep to tell if there was an object inside. It’s also unclear what happened to the water, though it’s assumed it was absorbed into the water table below, after the pond was struck.

Wright said she knows most people will probably think it's just a sinkhole, but she remains adamant about seeing something falling from the sky.

Wright has filed a report with the Marshall County Sheriff's Office, her next plan of action is to get in touch with the Environmental Protection Agency so they can further investigate.

Experts from the Utah Geological Survey were unable to explain the phenomenon.

Often unexpected holes like these are attributed to sinkholes – a sudden collapse of the ground caused by the erosion of underlying rock layers typically consisting of limestone. It’s unclear whether a sinkhole could have been the culprit in the latest incident, but if Wright actually witnessed and heard something fall from the sky, a sinkhole could be easily ruled out.


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