Charles Utkins The Psychic Cat

In 2017, a 'psychic cat' called Charles Utkins has been bought by a mysterious lady for 5 million roubles ($84,000) in Russia after spooking its owner, Dimitri R, from the city of Blagoveshchensk. He said the cat put a strain on his marriage, as his wife felt uneasy around “mind-reading” moggy.

The bizarre story was told by the former owner of Charles Utkins, who inherited the pet from his aunt when she died. The case has gone viral in Russia after Dmitry claimed the cat could suddenly appear from behind locked doors, while also playing mind games that forced him to go shopping in the middle of the night to buy its favourite food. 

Charles Utkins

He explained: 'The doors to the rooms were closed, and the cat, shut away elsewhere, suddenly appears in the room from behind closed doors, although nobody let him go.

'He reads minds, but the worst thing - he inspires thoughts. And these thoughts will be fulfilled, they are impossible to resist. He would wake me up at 5 am with a strong desire to eat fish or sausage. So much so that I had to go out right then to buy it and give it to the cat. And as soon as the cat started to eat, my hunger disappeared.'

When it became clear this furry tenant was going to end his marriage, Dmitry faced a dilemma. Thankfully this was resolved for him when a mysterious woman turned up to purchase the psychic cat. He didn’t know she was coming, and indeed wasn’t supposed to. She was a clairvoyant from Novosibirsk - some 4,500 kilometres away - mysteriously heard about the cat and came to inspect it. 

“She closed the cat in the room, and then rapidly decided to buy it. She is strictly against journalists, so I cannot name her.

“But I can describe her - fairly young, well-groomed, blonde, and she wears expensive clothes. The lady looks very expensive. She will travel to Novosibirsk with Charlie and we made a special veterinary passport for the cat.”

After a short interview the woman, who is not named but has been labelled a 'witch' by local media, is said wasted no time in paying 5 million roubles - for the 'psychic cat'.


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