Mystery of The Kyshtym Dwarf

Kyshtym Dwarf is believed by many to be a prematurely born human baby with many deformities found in the village of Kaolinovy, near Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia. 

In summer 1996, Tamara Prosvirina, a local retired woman, was taking one of her regular walks around the village of Kaolinovy. However, that day she returned to the village clutching something wrapped in a blanket which she had found out in the wilderness under a tree next to a well near a cemetery and she proclaimed to be “her baby”. When people approached she held the wrapped object close and would not show it, merely telling everyone that its name was Alyoshenka or Aleshenka.

Those who saw Alyoshenka described it as a 20-25-centimeter-tall humanoid. Its hairless head had a number of dark spots. The eyes were large, occupying most of the face. It breathed through a small nose below the eyes.

By the time the stories had gotten around the small village, the main tale was that Aleshenka was an alien child who somehow had been lost and discovered by Tamara, the mad old woman.

Comparison size with matchbox and a pen
Somewhere between several days and a month after she discovered Aleshenka, Tamara was said to have fallen ill and was hospitalised. It is said that she was mentally ill and well known for her odd behaviour. She was known to walk to the local cemetery at night and remove the flowers from people’s graves so she could display them in her home.

In 1999, Prosvirina was killed in a car accident in an attempt to escape from the hospital.

A police investigator by the name of Vladimir Bendlin started snooping around trying to get to the bottom of the mysterious being, with the rest of the department just sort of shrugging its shoulders at it all and mostly not taking it very seriously at all. After Prosvirina died, he kept the body stashed away in his refrigerator, videotaped and photographed it, and apparently had it subjected to tests, which came up with mixed results.

As the media interest grew, many UFO experts and enthusiasts descended on that small Russian town. Although the initial examinations of the body suggested it was indeed genuine, no DNA testing had yet been done.

A local pathologist said that he wasn’t human, while a gynecologist claimed that it was just a human child with terrible deformations.

On 15 April 2004, scientists made an official statement that the "Kyshtym creature" was a premature female human infant, with severe deformities. However, other experts and eyewitnesses said it could not have been a human as there were too many differences (up to 20 were counted) in the skeleton that varied from a human being, especially in regard to the skull.

Unfortunately, Bendlin made a mistake –  it is said a respected ufologist Boris Zolotov offered to have the creature tested. It was a decision that he said he would regret. He handed the dwarf’s body over to Zolotov who took it away and never gave it back. After that, Alyoshenka’s traces became completely lost.

On March 2018 study on the similar mysterious dwarf mummy called Atacama skeleton which has the same appearance, found an extremely high number of mutations for bone & muscle formation, suggesting that such major mutations, although extremely rare, are possible.


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