Mystery of The Box of Crazy

On 2013, TramStopDan, one of the Reddit user found a handmade wooden box in a dumpster. It seems like an ordinary box, it had hinges, a handle, and a pair of locks. 

But when he opened it, he was surprised after discovered stacks of papers featuring diary entries about flying saucer visits in the late 1960s to 1980, plus a whole bunch of other crazy stuff like drawings sketches of UFOs and heavenly four-headed entities appearing to be from the Biblical book of Ezekiel, plus creatures with wings, and other drawings that blended the divine and the extraterrestrial. And this is why the box was coined “The Box Of Crazy.” 

The Box of Crazy is roughly 29" by 38" on the exterior. It smells of basements and dampness. Most pieces are around 20" x 30".

However, the contents of the box didn’t just stop at aliens, because TramStopDan then found some non-patented drawings of train wheels and hand-drawn maps from the late 1930s, which were marked with a pinhole in the center.


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