A Flying Saucer Discovered By Russian Coal Miner

Four years ago, Russian coal miners claim to have discovered a bizarre flying saucer while completing excavation work in Siberia’s Kuznetsk Basin, Russia. Almost perfectly circular in shape with a diameter of 1.2 metres and weighing roughly 200kg, the unusual object was found hidden 40 metres underground. Given the position of the finding, it is suggested the object may be older than mammoth bones, which have been discovered in the same location at a depth of 25 metres.

Boris Glazkov, 40, the excavator who found the object, said it stood out because of its distinctive shape and size.

According to UFOlogist Scott Waring, who runs the website ETDatabase.com, he is confident that he has stumbled upon what he believes to be a UFO drone ship or smaller spacecraft that are said to be used by the larger mothership to scout areas to explore. 

In the report, Waring pointed out that he has evidence of these drones being used before and cited photos and videos that show baseball-size orbs rotating around unidentified aircraft and acting as a protective shield. 

“Many such UFO disks have been found around the world, always heavy and appear to be made of stone.

“However I do not believe it really is stone, but a condensed nanorobotis micro material that strengthens the UFO-like stone, but actually is a complex network.

“I believe if we looked at its material under an electron microscope, we would find evidence of micro alien tech.”


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