Huge Mysterious Skeleton Washed Up On Scots Beach

Recently on February 2020, a photos of the mysterious rotten carcass on Balmedie Beach in Aberdeen after it was revealed following the Storm Ciara which battered the country last week. It were posted on a local community Facebook page - Fubar News.

(Image Credit: Fubar News via Daily Post)

Locals were left puzzled, some suggested that the remains of the beast were in fact the Loch Ness Monster even though the Balmedie Beach is more than 120 miles away from Loch Ness

The gigantic skeleton washed up on a beach have prompted a public vote. It comes after Storm Ciara hit UK with 90mph winds and heavy rain last weekend. 

Originally, the news site posted: "Came across this weird creature today near Aberdeen. Any ideas what it could be?" 

The majority (44%) thought it was a publicity stunt. 

Runner-up in the vote was whale (41%), with Nessie scoring 8% ahead of dinosaur on 7%. 

No other options were offered in the vote. 

However, one Facebook user said the remains actually pre-dated the storm. Nick Davidson of the Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme confirmed that it was in fact the remains of a Minke whale which originally washed up in October last year but had been uncovered by the recent bad weather.


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