Mysterious Warning Notes Found By A Hotel Guest In Edinburgh

In December 2014, Amy Jones, a journalism student staying at a hotel in Edinburgh found a mysterious message in a drawer inside her room that warning her not to open a locked door and to leave that room. She does not know who put the message and what exactly behind the locked door.

The weird message read: "Don't open the locked door! Don't trust its whispers! Leave, just lea"...

The mysterious message (Image Credit: Listverse)

Instead of being freaked out, she took a picture of the note and uploaded it to Twitter.

She followed it up with a picture of the door, captioned: 'This is the door they are referring to. It faces my bed. Cool.' She then proceeded to go to sleep.

Image Credit: Daily Mail

The note began trending across the UK at that time and was retweeted hundreds of times. Twitter users responded to Jones and one of her follower told her: "Open it! Open it! Open it!" 

Another wrote: "If the door is locked, presumably you wouldn't be able to open it?" 

The door in question happened to be situated directly opposite the bed so that anyone sleeping there couldn't help but see it. 

Despite the ominous warning however Jones went on to enjoy a good night's sleep. 

The next day she reply, "To anyone asking if I'm still alive. Yes. I'm fine, I slept well and woke a couple of times for a sip of juice. There were no whispers." 

But she added that she did not want to mention the hotel because it is a nice hotel and she would not want to damage their reputation.


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