Mysterious Creature Discovered By Local Resident

In 2018, a strange animal with an alligator head but its body was flat like a stingray found by Indonesian resident.

The strange animal photo was posted on social media by Ardi, a Bengkalis resident, Riau. But when asked for information, he said that the photo was from his friend from Rangsang.

Weird Looking Fish. New Species?
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The head similar with alligator gar, however its body was flat and covered by yellowish scales. 

The body of an alligator gar is usually brown or olive, fading to a lighter gray or yellow ventral surface with torpedo-shaped, . Their scales are not like the scales of other fishes; rather, they are ganoid scales, which are bone-like, rhomboidal-shaped scales, often with serrated edges, and covered by an enamel-like substance. Ganoid scales are nearly impenetrable and are excellent protection against predation. Unlike other gar species, the upper jaw of an alligator gar has a dual row of large, sharp teeth that are used to impale and hold prey. Alligator gar are stalking, ambush predators, primarily piscivores, but they also ambush and eat water fowl and small mammals they find floating on the water's surface.

Last year, Residents of a Chinese city have been shocked by a 'strange fish' after it emerged from a lake at a popular park on February. 

Alligator Fish
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An eyewitness told local reporters when he first saw the back of the fish sticking out of the water, it looked like a turtle's back; but afterwards it showed its head and its head resembled that of a snake.  

It has been identified as an alligator gar, a large-size fish species from North and Central America, after being caught several days later. 


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