Mysterious Creature Suck The Blood of Livestock's Residents in North Tapanuli

Recently, around mid of June 2020, the residents of Pargompulan Village, Siborongborong Subdistrict, North Tapanuli Regency ,Indonesia, were shocked by the mysterious death of a number of their livestock such as ducks, chickens and pigs, which were found dead in a state of blood loss. Strangely, some of the dead cattle are found still inside its broken cages which made of iron wire. Apart from that, there was no blood left. 

"Only blood (livestock's animals) are sucked dry, their carcass is not eaten. That's why we are surprised, "said Mangatur Hutasoit (one of the villager).

The incident forced the village residents to stand guard for the past week, both day and night. Rumors in the local community of the village also spread and lead to the existence of mystical beings.

According to Mangatur, if we seen from the scratches that make the livestock's iron cage torn apart, the mysterious creature has massive force with long nails. He also said maybe the alleged mysterious creature is "Homang" or "Sigulambak". For the Batak community, Homang is categorized as mystical being because of its large body with thick fur and canine teeth that are sharp and have long nails. Similar with Bigfoot. 

"So far, the certainty about what kind of animals that kill and sucking their livestock's blood is still unknown," said Hotmauli Sianturi, the Head of Balai Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam (Center of Conservation Natural Resources) North Sumatera.

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Based on local legend, Homang is very similar to humans. It's just that the outside appearance is more sinister. He has a large body and can change shape like a human, apes and kingkong with long hair, big and red eyes, scary face, sharp teeth, and almost all of his body is filled with long and thick furs. 

It is said that "Homang" lives in the interior Simarunjal-unjal Cave near the forest and often imitates human voices to make people lost in the middle of the forest.

The villagers also found thick furs left behind during the hunt, and believed to be the furs of the creature.

The furs which were found by local villager
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From the statements of a number of local villagers which don't believe any mystical being, they tought the possibility that this animal is a family of weasels that can be a kind of binturong or moon weasel.

However, Mr. Nikson Nababan (Regent of North Tapanuli) explained that the footprints found near the livestock's cage were quite large.

"Its like bear's footprints, then the surrounding trees also have scratches," he explained.

Mr. Nikson has also asked the head of the village and residents to hunt for the mysterious animal.

Even his search party has also involved the military army and local police.

"Traps and cameras have been installed at several points. For those who find the animal, there is a money reward of 10 million Rupiah (equal with USD 700)," he said.


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