Janet The Haunted Doll

Craig Jones, 28, and Matt Wood, 48, two paranormal investigators, took a selfie with Janet the 'haunted' doll and said they were shocked after looking at the photo and seeing that it appeared to have her eye closed and even some eye make-up on - probably wanting to look her best for the snap.

Image Credit: mirror.co.uk

The unusual activity was detected by Craig and Matt inside an abandoned building, known as 'The Village of the Damned', in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

Craig said, "We took a picture with Janet, and as I looked at the picture it looked like her eyes were closed. But then I remembered that she doesn't have any eyes or eyelids and just has empty sockets, so I turned my torch on to check, as it was dark and I saw that's she doesn't.

Image Credit: ladbible.com
It is claimed that people often feel sick, dizzy and often get headaches in the presence of Janet, as well as hearing footsteps and weird voices.

Janet ended up in the hands of paranormal investigator Miki York after a woman called Julie contacted him on Twitter begging him to take the doll off her.

Julie said the doll was given to her grandmother by her grandmother all the way back in 1903 and said it been haunting the family ever since.

Miki said: "All of Julie's family hated the doll and hated coming round to her house when the doll was on show.

"It ended up being put and locked away in the loft. She reportedly heard footsteps coming from the loft.

"When she arrived at my house, I did a spirit box session with her, just to see if I could get any information out of the supposedly haunted doll.

"When I asked for the doll's name, I got the name 'Janet' come through and so she became Janet.

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Anonymous said...

If you look closely, you can see that the eyes are not at all "closed" and it's only an effect created by how the photo flash illuminates the eye sockets.

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