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A Manhole Cover Mysteriously Bouncing Out In Denver

Recently on 50th Avenue near Raleigh Street, in the Berkeley area, a manhole cover mysteriously bouncing out by itself. Officials stated that air is sometimes forced out through the manhole covers when water is flowing through the pipes, causing the manhole covers to jumping out a little bit. However, it seems this is more than a bit of movement, because the manhole cover made from thick metal and very heavy.

Anna Hewson, one of the 9NEWS photojournalist spotted the manhole cover on Tuesday (March 13,2021) as it was bouncing out of its holder and into the air. According to Next 9News Youtube Channel, first she called ghostbusters, then the ghostbusters referred her to Denver Water.

Short clip from Next 9 News Youtube Channel (Image Credit: Next 9 News)

According to Denver Water, sometimes manhole covers can make some noise or move around a bit as an underground pipes are filled with water.

For example during improvement projects, water is pushed down and air moves. The video is a rare case where too much air is trying to find its way out.

Denver Water has systems in place to try and avoid this, like vents near the manholes that allow for air pressure to be released and not go through the manhole."

Denver Water's Emergency Services Team planned to visit this particular manhole to investigate.


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