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Unsolved Mystery of The Envaitenet Island

Envaitenet Island is located on Lake Rudolf, Kenya. Lake Rudolf, also called Lake Turkana, the fourth largest lakes of the eastern African. This small island is full of mystery. Envaitenet in Aboriginal means no return. The island is just several kilometers long, though many tribes and locals lives around the places near to it, but no one lives in that island, as it is a popular belief that the place is cursed.

According to local legend, this island is inhabited by monsters and people who came to the island can never return to their place of origin. Hence Envaitenet is also called the cursed island.

Lake Turkana
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The mention of "cursed island" and the people who disappeared from the island dated back to approximately 1630. The islanders called El Molo frequently came to the mainland to trade goods for many years; they fished, hunted, traded with their relatives on the mainland.

The mainlander often heard strange sounds of screams on the island every new month. The screams then turn into prolonged moans that usually last from a few minutes to an hour.

As time goes by, the native residents thought that their island was inhabited by monstrous cannibals that did not match any of the living animals they knew. Such a monster appeared right in front of that person at the most unexpected moment, and sent the natives scurrying away.

The creature is said to be the mastermind behind the disappearance of teenagers who lived in the village on the island. These unfortunate events did not allow the El Molo to live in peace. One day the islanders suddenly stopped coming to the mainland at all, for unexplainable reason.

Then some men from the riverside village came to the island to see what was going on. When they arrived at the island, they were astonished: they saw a remote village with huts full of various objects, and fish rotting near the extinguished fire.

No human sign there. Then they left the island very quickly, and decided not to try their luck. Finally, no one dared to go there again.

In 1935, the British explorer Vivina Fusch went to the area on a geological expedition. He sent 2 scientists from his party, Martin Sheflin and Bill Dayson. At first everything is normal: every night within the agreed time they put a light on which means that all is well. However, within two weeks, the signals suddenly stopped.

Long time no news, some members of the expedition went to the island to check on their friend's whereabouts, but they were surprised to note that Sheflin and Dayson had mysteriously disappeared. Moreover, there were no trace of Sheflin and Dayson ever living on the island. A plane was even flown over the island, but no trace could be found.

At the end of the 20th century, after hearing about the cursed island, two private expeditions went there (from the Netherlands and Germany), but both of them also disappeared, leaving no traces.

Until today the secret of the island of Envaitenet remains unsolved.


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