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The Ghost of Douglas Park

A spooky photo taken at Douglas Park in Largs, North Ayrshire, showing a ghostly face staring out of the window of an old house ruins in Scotland has gone viral on the Internet last year.

The photo immediately attracted people to visit the park after being shared online. Douglas Park was created in 1906 when Mr C.J.C. Douglas gifted the land to Largs Town Council for a public park. It comprised of the formal Spring Gardens at Irvine Road and the hill section of Haylie Estate.

Old Summer House Ruins (photo taken by Caroline Morgan)
Image Credit: Trip Advisor

The appearance of a sinister face that was clearly visible in the window of the ancient building made netizens in disbelief. Many suspect that the photo was edited using a double exposure technique.

But the photographer claims that if it was double exposure, the leaves from the wild plants in the ruins would likely have moved between exposures and blurred. To be more convincing, he also included a negative photo that also shows the scary face.

Ghostly figure taken by anonymous photographer at Douglas Park in North Ayrshire, Scotland
Image Credit: Pen News via Daily Star

One of the netizens who saw this finally admitted that the spooky photo was not edited but genuine.

The photographer, who asked not to be mentioned, took the photo in 2016. But he waited several years to share the photo on October 2020.

"When I took the picture, I didn't feel anything out of the ordinary, nothing strange," he said.

He said, every time he develop a photo, he always scanned it first. This makes it easier for him to determine the quality and choose which photos are suitable for printing using a magnifier.

"Now that scary face is clearly visible when scanning. I feel happy to be able to produce a photo like this and look at it. I am also proud to have something that can be shown to people who like mystery," he added.


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