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"Vampire" Woman Attack and Drink Her Victim's Blood In Kenya

A woman in Kenya was detained after stabbing three men and then sucking their blood, local police said the stabbing began when a woman armed with a kitchen knife argued with a man believed to be her boyfriend. The suspect, named Margaret Wambui Wangari, was then tried to be separated by two other men in the incident in West Kahawa which occured on last March 2021.

However, the three men were instead stabbed by Wangari and she was reportedly sucked their blood from the open stab wounds. The Kenya Criminal Investigation Directorate said the woman took the knife she was carrying and stabbed the victims several times.

Margaret Wambui Wangari in Police Custody
Image credit: The Sun

"The bypassers told how the perpetrator drank the victim's blood from their open wounds," explained the directorate. The local police rescued Wangari from angry local residents who wanted to kill the woman by stoning her.

Because of Wangari, one of the victims was killed while two others injured. In his official statement, the authorities explained that they immediately removed Wangari from the angry community. The reason was that the "vampire" woman attacked the second victim and caused injuries to his ears.

The victims were rushed to the Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi, fortunately their wounds were not serious. The two victims, who were not identified, also suffered injuries to the chest and neck. The authorities said that Wangari is currently in detention while they are carrying out an investigation about her strange behaviour.


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