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The Screaming Skull of Anne Griffith

Burton Agnes Hall in England is home to a spooky paranormal objects called the screaming skulls. The skull made an incredible sound and frightened everyone who dared to remove it. It is believed that it's the skull of Katherine (Anne) Griffith, who died at Burton Agnes Hall in 1620.

Front view of Burton Agnes Hall (Image credit: Wikipedia)

At the beginning of the 17th century, the Burton Agnes Hall was built by Sir Henry Griffith in 1601–10 who has 3 daughters called the Griffiths sisters: Frances, Margaret and Katherine (known by her baptismal name as Anne). As the house was being built, Anne beamed with joy and pride over it’s construction.

She would often be overheard stating it was the most beautiful house to ever grace the landscape of 17th century Britain.

Anne Griffith, by Geehearts (Image credit: The Haunted Palace

One day, Anne went to visit the St. Quintins at Harpham about a mile away, but unfortunately, near St. John's Well she was attacked and robbed by ruffians. Later she was brought home to Burton Agnes but was so badly hurt.

Her dying wish was to remain there after death; she claimed to her sisters that she would not rest ‘unless I, or part of me at least, remain here in our beautiful home as long as it lasts’

When Anne passed away, her sisters found her request far too gruesome and had her body buried in a local churchyard.

A week after Anne’s funeral the first strange occurrence was reported. A loud crash was heard in the hall, like that of a large piece of furniture falling over. On investigation no source of the noise could be found. And then, doors were heard banging violently throughout the home but immediately ceased upon investigation. After this many strange sounds were heard at the hall. Footsteps hurrying up and down the corridors. An unseen figure ascending and descending the stairs quickly. The inhabitants of the hall had become greatly unnerved by the occurrences.

Remembering Anne's dying words, the sisters knew something had to be done, so they consulted the wise counsel of their clergy as to what course of action they should take. And eventually they agreed that the grave should be opened then Anne's skull was brought into the house and so long as it was undisturbed.

Anne had her will in the end, and her skull was set upon a table in her beloved hall. Peace reigned once again at Burton Agnes Hall. It is said that Anne, also known as Owd Nance, still walks in October, the month of her supposed demise, and her presence is often felt in the Queens Chamber at Burton Agnes Hall, to this very day.

According to legend, the skull of Anne is bricked up in the Great Hall. It is the skull reputed to be a screaming skull, and from this day on whenever the skull was removed from the hall, more bizarre experiences were recorded. One tale accounts a maid throwing the skull from a window where it landed on a manure load below. To the shock of the maid and the Waggoner the horses pulling the load refused to move, despite all efforts, until the skull was removed. On one occasion some time later the skull was removed and buried in the garden by the hall’s current occupiers. A terrible wailing and screaming was heard throughout the property until the skull was brought back indoors.


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