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Mysterious Bottle Contains Human Hair and Teeth Found Buried in The Woods

In late June 2021, a 48-year-old metal detectorist named Chris Langston, a father of three made an unusual discovery after seeing a pile of glassware near his home in the remote woods of Oswestry, Shropshire and went to investigate further. There he found a perfectly preserved over 100-year-old Victorian bottle underneath that contained human teeth, hair and a yellowish liquid that looked like urine. However he's not happy with this discovery, instead he says he's worried he might find an old curse.

Later he informed his local find’s liaison officer, who confirmed that the 11.5cm tall and 2cm wide mysterious bottle dated back to between 1860-1900.

Image credit: Foxnews

Archaeologists say the vials containing such items date back to the 1600s to stop spells and curses from entering homes. There is an old traditional belief that placing items that connect the homeowner to the property will work to stop evil forces from penetrating the walls.

Langston explained the find to SWNS, saying, before he came across the witch's bottle, the topcoat appears to be from around 1900 to 1910 as there are some broken pieces and commemorative cups on the surface. On his last visit, he also found a blue poison bottle and the broken head of a creepy doll dating back to 1900. He kept digging, and then the witch's bottle came out.

After posting about his unusual find on his Instagram page, Chris, was inundated with his follower comments telling him to leave the bottle where he found it.

So the next day he came back and put the witch bottle in an undisturbed part near the area where he first found it and buried it a bit just to avoid the bad juju. The strangest thing was that he had never believed in superstitious things like this but he was also not willing to take any chances.


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