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Mystery of The Winchester House

The Winchester House also known as The Winchester Mystery House located at 525 South Winchester Blvd in San Jose is a Queen Anne Style Victorian mansion built by Sarah Winchester around 1886. At that time, Sarah Winchester got a very large inheritance after her father-in-law Olivier Winchester died. Olivier Winchester is the successful entrepreneur and the founder of the Winchester Repeating Arms rifle company. But despite being rich, Sarah has always believed her family were actually cursed by victims of the Winchester Repeating Arms rifle.William Wirt Winchester, Sarah's husband died of tuberculosis in 1881. Followed by Sarah's child who died of Marasmus disease.

Front view of The Winchester House (Image Credit: House Beautiful)

One day a psychic told Sarah to move from her home in New Heaven to head west. There, she purchased a small eight-room farmhouse. The psychic tells Sarah to continue renovate the house and building more rooms for herself and the spirits which was killed by the Winchester Repeating Arms rifle. Sarah carried out the order. She employed carpenters and builders to continue building houses on the plantation land she had purchased.

But in fact the house was never completed for 36 years. The Victorian house looked odd too. There is a window of a stairway without a purpose or a wall corridor without leading to a room.

In total there are two thousand doors, ten thousand windows, one hundred & sixty rooms, thirteen bathrooms, nine kitchens, and one seance room at Winchester Mystery House. Many say this aims to make a wandering spirit confused to haunt the Winchester family. In 1922 Sarah Winchester died, and the renovation immediately stopped.

Aerial View of The Winchester House (Image Credit: Winchester Mystery House official website)

Later the house was then rented for 10 years to John and Mayme Brown. Exactly five months after Sarah died, the Winchester Mystery House tour opened with Mayme Brown as tour guide. Until now, Winchester Mystery House is still open for tours and attracts many mystery lovers.

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Winchester Mystery House tour was temporarily closed. Instead, they opened a visual tour video.


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