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Patience Worth

Patience Worth was the spirit of a seventeenth-century Quaker from England who supposedly communicated with a relatively uneducated St. L...
- February 23, 2011
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Black Cat

Throughout history, cats have been worshipped as gods by certain cultures and abhorred as demons by others. In European folklore, the bl...
- January 12, 2011
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Ball Lightning

Ball lightning, is a strange and so far unexplained natural phenomenon, whose existence some scientists still dispute and no conceivable s...
- December 22, 2010
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For centuries, levitation has been associated with religious, mystical, or magical practices. For example, according to Catholic tradit...
- July 19, 2010
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Paluxy Tracks

Dinosaur tracks have been found on the riverbed of the Paluxy river in Glen Rose, Texas for several years, but controversially, there were ...
- March 31, 2010
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Moving Coffins

Barbados, an island located at the easternmost edge of the West Indies, is the site of a strange story that some writers have treated as on...
- March 05, 2010
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Entombed Animals Phenomenon

Entombed animal reports have faced as much disbelief and ridicule as wonder and excitement. This famous curiosity has excited people ever...
- February 26, 2010
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Radioesthesia is a scientific name for dowsing, is the interaction of the mind of the dowser and the energy of the object of interest. Mo...
- December 23, 2009
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SHC Phenomena

The enigma of Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) is considered the most bizarre and frightening of all the phenomena in the world of the u...
- June 01, 2009
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Seances Phenomena

Seances are an age-old way for the living to communicate with the dead. The popular image of a group sitting round a table, holding hands...
- May 22, 2009
Seances Phenomena Seances Phenomena Reviewed by Tripzibit on May 22, 2009 Rating: 5

Stigmata Phenomena

Stigmata, the term originates from the line at the end of Saint Paul's Letter to the Galatians where he says, "I bear on my body th...
- March 16, 2009
Stigmata Phenomena Stigmata Phenomena Reviewed by Tripzibit on March 16, 2009 Rating: 5

Weeping Statues

The phenomenon of weeping or crying religious statues is one of the oldest and most stereotypical images of holy powers in Catholicism. I...
- January 11, 2009
Weeping Statues Weeping Statues Reviewed by Tripzibit on January 11, 2009 Rating: 5
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